Tuesday, 23 September 2014

• #ALipADay // #23 - Topshop Charmed •

If you're into orange lipsticks, but shy away from bright ones, 
Topshop Charmed is going to be perfect for you.

I mentioned in a previous post that the Topshop lipsticks are a favourite of mine; the formulas, colour range and overall wear-time are pretty impressive. I picked up Topshop Charmed a few Summers ago when I wanted to indulge in the orange trend but shied away from bright oranges. Spotting this one, I was immediately drawn to it; I love the peach tones as they tend to suit me. The formula of this lipstick is super creamy, glides on smoothly, is moisturising and stays on my lips for a long time. I can't complain about it at all and it's so flattering to my olive but pale skin tone. The finish is satin although for some reason the website says its matte (this is also true for Topshop Infrared which I reviewed earlier this month) as it turns out quite glossy once it's on. It's a real Summer lipstick and I don't often wear it past September, but always look forward to wearing it around the hotter months!

Daniela xo
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    1. It's lovely isn't it! A little bit of Summer whilst we're in the beginnings of Autumn :) Daniela xo