Friday, 3 January 2014

• LUSH Bombardino bath bomb // review •

Just look at this little guy...too cute to even bear thinking about.
I had been excitedly anticipating LUSH's Christmas line since back in October when their Halloween line had launched, and as usual, I was not disappointed.

LUSH Bombardino Bath Bomb is inspired by the popular Italian drink which is traditionally enjoyed in Winter and is served after a long day of skiing in the Alps. It smells like lemon with creamy notes and is packed with cocoa butter - delectable. The only way I can describe it is that it smells like lemon meringue pie but much, much sweeter and less tangy.

In the bath, it turns a kind of white creamy colour, so it doesn't do anything crazy like a bath bomb such as Twilight would do (another of my favourites), but the delicious smell and the effects that it has on your skin more than makes up for it. In terms of size, Bombardino is smaller than most bath bombs, but he does pack a real punch. Sometimes size can be misleading (we're talking bath bombs, you dirty-minded people!) Because of the added cocoa butter, there was no need for me to moisturise after, as the product left a very thin residue on the skin which sunk in after a few minutes whilst chilling in my bathrobe.

As with all other bath bombs, all you have  to do is run the water, fill your bath up and pop the bath bomb in. Usually the bath bombs fizz, the bath melts melt (believe it or not) and the bubble bars create mountains upon mountains of bubbles (you use bubble bars in a different way though - I will show you how in a future post!)

Unfortunately, this little beauty is only available at Christmas, but you can click here to be directed to the LUSH website where you can check out the ingredients, description and other reviews.


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