Tuesday, 7 January 2014

• DIY coconut sugar body scrub •

What might seem quite simple can actually be the most effective. And boy, can I talk from experience when on the topic of body scrubs. Using just household ingredients, this home-made scrub is better than any high-end ones I've ever tried. A bonus of this one in particular is that there is no need to moisturise when you leave the shower...what more could you want in life?! Okay, a bit dramatic. But do try this body scrub, it is amazing.

Grab yourself:

• Coconut oil (solid or fluid)
• Sugar (white or brown)
• A jar large enough for you to be able to put your whole hand in
• A table spoon
• Food colouring (optional)

You can guess the method but...I shall go on anyway:
  1. Ensure your jar is super squeaky clean - you don't want any extra germs from an old dusty jar!
  2. Scoop some coconut oil * into the empty jar using your table spoon
  3. If using solid oil, warm it up by mixing it using your tablespoon
  4. Add as much sugar as you would like
  5. Mix mix mix!
  6. If using food colouring, use 3/4 drops - depending on how big your jar is (you can be the judge of this). Mix again.
* to achieve your desired scrubbiness, play with the amounts of sugar and coconut oil. I like mine scrubby, so I use lots of sugar and not so much coconut oil.
Fun variations that I have tried and tested:
- add some chopped mint for a natural minty fragrance
- add essential oils (lemon and orange are my favourites)
- use white and brown sugar for variations of scrubbiness

And packaging:
- use a cute mason jar and tie a ribbon round the top to give as a gift
- create a label with the name of the product (you can get inventive here) and stick it on the jar
- use large jars for the shower and mini pots (mini jam jars, like the ones you get in hotels, are perfect for this) to scrub your hands on the go when they're feeling a tad rough

I use this scrub whilst in the shower after I have used showed gel. I grab a handful of the scrub and massage it into my body focusing on my rough bits (heels of my feet, elbows and legs). I then wash it off. I really enjoy the fact that I don't have to moisturise when I get out of the shower when I've used this scrub. For a busy gal like me, this makes shower time a lot more time-friendly!

Hope you enjoy making and using it :) once again, another easy, simple DIY.



  1. Love this crafty post - you defo have a forte for ths kind of thing :)


    1. Thanks so much :) that's so lovely of you to say. I really enjoy a bit of DIY, there will be some more posts coming up!
      Checked out your blog and loved it! Thanks for stopping by, Daniela x

  2. Such a good idea! Love a good beauty DIY, definitely going to have to try this sometime :)

    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

    1. Hey, thank you, it's definitely worth trying, the result is honestly better than any scrub I've ever tried!
      I love your blog by the way! Thanks for stopping by :)
      Daniela x