Tuesday, 5 May 2015

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Hey everyone! My name is Charline and I've been blogging since this year. I daily blog about different lifestyle things. Mostly about make up and beauty-related stuff, but also interior inspiration, non-beauty things, my own music will appear on my blog every now and then and when I make a trip, I will blog about it too. It's a mixture of different things that are happening in my little world. Every Wednesday I will also give the opportunity to one fellow blogger to write a guest post on my blog about a life quote or a wisdom that they are passionate about. That little corner on the internet is called #NoteToSelf. I love connecting to other people and making friends over this little collaboration.
Feel free to come and say hi over on Charline Has a Blog. Free hugs for everyone!

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Hi, I'm Dalal a fourteen year old beauty, fashion and occasional life blogger from London. My blog is like a second home on the internet for me, you'll be surprised by the amount of time I spend on it! Everything about blogging is super exciting; meeting new friends through comments, writing reviews about my Holy Grail products and setting up props for my photos. I really hope you do have a look at my blog and enjoy what you read! Dalal :)

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As a mum of 2 it has become my 'me' time, where I like to review, chatter & swatch Make up, Skincare and beauty products. Mainly featuring the products I use, love and highly recommend! Love nothing better than taking photos for my posts & typing away, giving my tuppence worth. That and of course beauty shopping!! (Goes without saying!) Before I buy any product I research, look at reviews and swatches. So here on my blog I give my honest opinion as I know that it's better to have all the information to then be able to make your own informed decisions. To buy or not to buy!! Chocolate lover, tea-aholic and all round 32 year old mum.

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I'm a 28 year old beauty blogger from Wolverhampton, UK. My blog includes beauty, lifestyle and photography. I love all things beauty and have recently started up my own YouTube channel to post make up tutorials and GRWM videos. I have a huge love for photography and I include photoset posts on my blog to showcase my photography.

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My name is Jess, and I blog at Just That Girl Online. I'm a writer & enthusiast of all things "Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle" related. I have a massive obsession with Lush and love anything Rose Gold, I do all different types of blog posts ranging from Lifestyle posts about confidence to Primark Hauls & makeup. I decided to join in with the blogging community, on one very boring day and haven't stopped blogging since. I write about products that I truly believe in and give honest reviews. I created Just That Girl Online to share my love and passion for all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

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Contact: justjess369@hotmail.com

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