Tuesday, 14 April 2015

• The No-Nasties, Natural Deodorant That Actually Works •

I was a deodorant-whore - there, I said it. I'd flit from brand to brand, formula to texture, scent to packaging. Now that's out in the open, I have another confession to make...

I've found the one. And now, I am absolutely, truly, madly, deeply, converted to natural deodorants. You know, the kind that are free from the nasties, the chemicals, all of the crap that makes you stop sweating and bungs up your underarms (anti-perspirant). And now I can say that hand on heart, I will never go back to these shop-bought deodorants for as long as I shall live. Scouts honour.

I can't wait to share my thoughts on the La Vanila Healthy Deodorant, but first I'll address a few issues with natural deodorants. There's a stigma attached to them and people assume that they won't work because they aren't as powerful as anti-perspirants and the types of deodorants we might be used to. There is an element of truth in that, I have to admit - natural deodorants don't act as anti-perspirants, so you will still sweat but the sweat won't smell. But that doesn't mean they're not doing their job. The whole reason I went on the hunt for a natural deodorant was because I hated the thought of my sweat glands being blocked up due to chemicals that I apply every day. It's natural for our skin to breathe and sweat, so the idea of slathering on layers upon layers of chemicals to block sweat glands seems odd and unnatural to me. Without getting into detail, because 1. I'm not qualified/wouldn't feel comfortable posting about research I've found online and 2. I don't want to ramble on too much, I do think that we should try to reduce the amount of rubbish we put on our skin. If you think about how many products you use a day, and how many chemicals your skin absorbs, it's scary. I'll try and go eau natural where I can, if only just to make myself feel a little better!
So after hearing Tiffany rave about the La Vanila Healthy Deodorant on YouTube, I had to try them out for myself as they sounded like exactly what I was looking for. Creamy, pleasant smelling (and long-lasting), but most importantly, able to let my skin breathe. You'll see on the ingredients list that the ingredients are all natural and free of all chemicals. I've been using this deodorant for a few months after I picked it up in Canada after one too many trips to Sephora and it has worked for me every single day, whether that be a chilled day at home or a stressful day at work - it's truly amazing. I love the scents and I have the Vanilla Lavendar in the 2oz and the travel size of the Vanilla for on the go. They both smell gorgeous and I can still faintly smell them throughout the day, which is great.
Now I have skin that feels soft and smooth whilst smelling amazing - and not skin that feels tingly after shaving, due to the rubbish in them which interferes with sensitive, freshly washed skin. My conscience is clear, and I've added another healthy, natural skincare product to my collection. For me, that's priceless - and definitely worth £10.

Have you tried this deodorant?
Are there any other natural deodorants you'd recommend?
Daniela xo
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