Wednesday, 22 April 2015

• 5 Blogs You Should Be Reading •

I'm a big believer in supporting each other as bloggers, so I thought I'd share with you my top 5 favourite blogs, the ones I spend hours reading and the ones I always go back to.

Everything from the layout to the photos makes me swoon over this blog. Lauren has created a real gem with Cautivar and I'm so happy I found her blog not long ago, as I've spent many an afternoon reading through her most recent and her older posts. Cautivar is professional-looking, easy to navigate and just reminds me of a real up-market online magazine. I really love this blog and I love the motto just as much - 'become the best version of yourself'.

Tiffany has been blogging since 2008 and not only was she friends with the likes of Zoella (!!!) she's a well established blogger who I trust for product reviews wholeheartedly. Her writing style is friendly and casual, as if she's having a conversation with you, and I love her honesty when reviewing a product, particularly the ones that she doesn't recommend - she's saved me some monies since I've been reading her blog! Tiffany is beautiful inside and out, is an amazing make up artist and has real talent (of which I'm enviable). I'm excited for her to paint my face as I know she'll do a much better job than me; photographs to come!

For an all-rounder, I turn to Jasmine's blog. From tags to hauls to interview advice, everything you need is right here. I have to say that the post that made me fall totally in love with Magpie Jasmine is the 26 Easy Blog Post Photo Background and Prop Ideas post. It honestly gave me so much inspiration and made me realise how easy it can be to style photos! As with all of the other fantastic blogs I've mentioned, I love Jasmine's photos - this is a massive thing for me, as I'll instantly be turned off a blog if the photos are rubbish - and I love her swatch photos as they are true to colour.

As well as beautiful photography, a decent layout and navigation is so important to me, and Farzana has absolutely nailed this. The reason I click on post after post on Aspiring Londoner is because its just so easy! I read a post, see another post I like, and within a matter of minutes I've just read 6 posts in a row! Farzana is keen to help other bloggers - something else that's important to me - and I love her tips when it comes to SEO, something I was completely and utterly clueless of until I read her post.

Navigation, layout... am I a stuck record here? Sorry, but Charlotte has also nailed this and I can spend hours reading her posts, and often do. Every in May's design is absolutely gorgeous, really clean looking but still approachable and pretty. Charlotte's writing style is quite similar to mine, chatty and friendly, and I feel like she's just having a chat with one of her friends about beauty; there's something really inviting and underrated about that, as I love writing styles that aren't too formal - things are much more personal in my opinion. So if you want to talk beauty with a friend, head to Ever in May.

I hope you enjoyed this post and visit these wonderful blogs!
I'm always looking for new blogs to read so please leave your links down below.
Are there any other blogs you'd recommend?
Daniela xo
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