Friday, 6 March 2015

• Why I'm obsessed with NUXE Reve di Miel •

Like most girls, I've tried every lip balm under the sun and thought 'yeah, that's alright', not thinking into it too much.

So the price tag of this cult favourite NUXE Reve di Miel made me think unhappy thoughts as I believed that £9.50 could be better spent on a grande Chai Tea Latte and chocolate muffin. Oh, how wrong I was.

Now I believe we all want a lip balm to do three things; moisturise the lips for at least a few hours, be easy to apply in tricky situations, and smell good. This little pot of wonder ticks these three boxes and so much more. Around Christmas time, my skin started going a bit nuts - my dry patches were dry as heck and my oily parts were producing a horrific amount of sebum it took all of my might not to carry around multiple packs of blotting paper packets. My lips decided to go for the former type so they were consistently dry, chapped and (sorry) bleeding. I have this horrible tendency to bite off the skin on my lips when they're dry (again, sorry if you're squeamish) which obviously did nothing for the health of my lips. Enter Reve di Miel. This balm, which smells of lemons and honey (amazing), really sorted out the general health of my lips and has made them flake free and perfectly prepped for lipstick. And one of the best parts about this lip balm - it's matte, so looks great under any lipsticks, glosses or liners.

Basically, if you were skeptical like I was, and you thought that you'd never in a million years spend a tenner on a lip balm, I'd take the plunge and try it out (or just wait til Christmas so someone can buy it for you - thanks mum!)

Have you tried this product?
Do you have any recommendations for which lip balms I should try next?
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