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• March 2015 Favourites •

This March has been probably one of the busiest months of my life - school play, house hunting, and just generally trying to live life - so my make up has been consistently minimal for work and play!

Nevertheless, I have some absolute beauts to show you which have served me well through this month of craziness. They've all made my life much easier (and my getting ready process much quicker) and they are fail safe in terms of slapping it on and running out the door. I'm now ready for more experimental, fun, colourful Spring make up so I'm sure next month's favourites will be more seasonal!

The scent of this is truly lovely - that's the only way I can describe it. It smells like Spring and gardens in bloom, something I wouldn't usually go for, but since the weather is (slowly) getting warmer, it's been suiting my mood lately. I love the fact that it's a mist so I spritz it all over my body and clothes, and the scent lasts all day. I'm hoping to get my hands on more of these mists as I'm really impressed with this one. And added bonus - I've used it liberally most days this month and the bottle still seems to be full; it definitely goes a long way.

When I first used this product, I really didn't like it. It was at a time when I was my most oily and it felt as though it just slipped off and accentuated my combination skin. Now, however, the winter months (and Roaccutane) have dried out my skin considerably, so this little product is a godsend. After cleansing in the morning, I use my moisturiser, then I take a pea sized amount of this and swipe it all over my face. I then apply make up straight away and my foundation seems to glide on so easily. It doesn't cling to my dry patches and looks dewy, which is what I've been going for lately. The beauty balm just acts as another layer of moisture and primes the skin for make up. There isn't a make-up day that's gone by where I haven't worn this.

I've been loving a cat eye recently and I always thought I couldn't achieve one in less than half an hour, but this product makes it so easy! The tip is long and thin and the felt tip applicator makes drawing a line and flick ridiculously easy, for even the most amateur of cat eye creators like myself. I also love how black the liner is and I never have to go over it with my gel liner to make it bolder (which I sometimes have to do with my other pen liners!) I've really been enjoying using this not only  for the ease and quality but also for how it's changed my outlook on liner.

I've been using this product for months now, but I had a break in between and used the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion , and I can't even tell you how much I missed it and my skin craved it. I've got over my acne but I sometimes get a spot or two, so I like to take preventative measures. That's when this little tube of goodness comes in. I've never known skincare to be so effective, honestly. It moisturises my skin so well, sits beautifully under my make up, sinks in quickly and also works at keeping blemishes at bay. I can't ask for anything more from a moisturiser and I'm now on my third tube - a testimony to how amazing it is!

I've been trying, but there's no way I can use this lipstick sparingly. I'm trying to do so because, as far as I know, this product is currently only available in the US and Canada. I've been waiting so patiently for it to land in the UK because I've nearly finished the lipstick in just 3 months (!!!) which is practically unheard of for me. It's such a beautiful dusky, dark pink which is matte but unbelievably creamy - I can still rub my lips together comfortably and have it feel like a balm, which is the ultimate matte lipstick test, in my opinion. It's the perfect everyday pink that really suits my skin tone and goes with any look. I love it so so much and just wished I'd stocked up on more than one!

When I bought this product in Canada, it intimidated me, so much so that it took 3 weeks for me to pluck up the courage to use it! I don't know why because it really is so easy to apply and beautiful to wear. I take my Sephora brow brush, dip it in and use it to fill in and shape my brows. I love the colour as it's the perfect match for me and it even happens to be quicker than using my Rimmel Brow Pencil, which I've sworn by for years - who knew? I've been using it daily and I can make it look natural or bold; I do have to practice using a light hand with it, but I think I've mastered it now.

I'll keep this short as I can't even imagine how many times I've mentioned this product on my blog, but it really is the best primer I've used that keeps my t-zone looking matte and my make up from slipping off my face. The silicone texture evens out my skin and makes it easy to apply make up and you need the teeniest amount to apply to your t-zone.

I feel like I've been on the continuous, long and tiring hunt for the best eye cream and I have to say this one is really cutting it for me at the moment. I've been enjoying applying it before bed as it moisturises my eye area until the morning, so my eyes feel soft and not at all puffy. The applicator is also great; because it's in tube form, you don't have to dip your hand into a pot. I'm not sure how much you can rave about an eye cream because I guess I'll only see the true results when I'm in my 50s, but if it reduces the risk of wrinkles, it's worth giving it a shot!

What have been your favourites this month?
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