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• February 2015 Favourites •

I'm on a 'spending money on make up' ban, which has led me to using what I already have in my stash on a more regular basis, so this month's favourites were easy to pick!

Just purely, totally obsessed. It's the first thing I use when I wake up in the morning and it's the last thing I use when I go to bed at night. The lip balm is in a little glass tub and it's a very soft consistency which moisturises for hours. The scent is very fresh, slightly lemon-y with a subtle hint of honey, and it's probably the best lip balm I've ever used. It's the perfect base for a lipstick as it eradicates dryness instantly. Love. It.

My skin has been crazy lately, much to my disappointment. I had a really good spell for about 9 months then it started to go tits up a month ago. It's now combination to the extreme; in the places that I'm dry, it hurts to move my face and in the places that I'm oily, not even the most industrial primer is helping to keep my make up from sliding off my face. So I'm going for more gentle skincare, and I've gone back to my trusty Ultimelt. I love everything from the formula, the clean scent, to how easy the application is. This creamy product is great for taking off my make up and just generally giving my face a good clean. I usually double cleanse with it and use a muslin cloth soaked in warm water to wipe it off. I've fallen back in love with my old favourite!

Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara
This mascara is a dupe for Benefit They're Real, I've said it before and I'll say it again. The length and volume I get from this mascara is insane and I'm always greeted with 'wow, your eyelashes look amazing today!' whenever I wear it. I've recommended it to everyone I know and they've had the same reaction. I love the formula, which is quite dry, and the wand, which is curved so you can get all of the diddy lashes near the inner corner and all of the bottom lashes really easily. I'm obsessed with it and can't believe how affordable it is - I'm on my third tube and can see myself continuously repurchasing.

Anastasia Clear Brow Gel
Brows are my thing; I fricken love them. I don't care how late I am in the morning - if my brows aren't done, I aint leaving the house! They are, however, long and sometimes unruly, so I've been reaching for this brow gel every day this month. I have noticed that if I don't wipe off the excess gel, the brush picks up too much, but when I do use this brow gel, I notice such a difference in the shape and lasting power of my brow pencil. This gel locks everything into place, from the hairs to the filler, and I don't find myself in front of a mirror all day trying to make my hairs stay in one place!

NYX Butter Gloss Merengue and Creme Brûlée
I picked up as many of these beauties when I was in Canada earlier this year (read my haul post here!) but Merengue and Creme Brûlée stood out to me the most. I love how easy these lip glosses are; I hardly ever need a mirror to apply them and they make my lips look so full and glossy with a nice amount of colour. They smell like cupcakes (amazing), don't feel sticky and last a long time on my lips. I'll be picking more of these up as I've used the heck out of them this month and will need to restock soon.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation
If you love a light-weight, light to medium coverage foundation which leaves a satin finish, you'll like this. Best used with a primer on me, this foundation is simply stunning and I can't believe how long it took me to try it. It's quite a liquidy consistency but it provides the sort of coverage that covers up the smallest of spots and the palest of scars (on my face, anyway!) I've really been enjoying using it this month and the best part it, it's reacted well to the ridiculously dry parts and the ridiculously oil parts of my face - it doesn't accentuate either, which gets a thumbs up from me.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
This has been a huge favourite for me this month as I usually use either the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or my Beauty Blender, but as both were dirty one morning (and I was too lazy to wash them), I reached for the Buffing Brush when I was in a rush. It just worked magic. My foundation looked smooth, it was quick and easy to use because it's a larger brush (compare to the Expert Face Brush) and the bristles feel so smooth on my skin. I really love this brush and will be using it more often as I never knew quite how good it was!

Avon Orchid Splash and Collection Lilac Daze
The weather is telling me Winter, my brain is telling me Spring. I've been wearing these colours non-stop and it's getting me in the mood for the change of the season! They're both quite unusual shades and again, I receive compliments on my nails when I wear them. The formula for both are long-wearing and don't chip when I use a good top coat (Sally Hansen's strengthening top coat at the moment). I can't see myself painting any other colour on my nails for a while yet.

So there is my rather long, rambly list of favourites!
What have you been loving this month?
Daniela xo
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