Monday, 23 February 2015

• Scruples Complete Recovery Treatment Hair Masque •

Another hair post! I'm on a roll here; first brushes, now masques.

This masque! *alllll of the heart eyed emojis* Everything from the scent, to the texture, to the way it makes my hair feel - the Scruples Complete Recovery Treatment Hair Masque* is a serious beauty and I've been testing it out over the past 3 weeks to see how it works for my lacklustre, limp hair. Well, I'm in love.

I am kind of a hair masque addict as, as I mentioned in my previous post, the health of my hair is very important to me as I like to take the least amount of time possible styling it, so if it looks healthy and shiny, that's good enough for me! The first thing that I look for in a masque is the scent. A good masque will allow the scent to linger in your hair so if it smells off, it's a no-go for me. The scent of this Scruples masque is quite light and subtle, but it's sweet and a tiny bit floral, too. The scent stays in my hair after I've washed it out and I've had compliments from the other half when I've used this product (which is always nice)! Next up is texture. I cannot stand runny masks that would just slip through my fingers when I go to apply it in the shower and subsequently slip through my hair. This masque is thick and stays put in my hair whilst I wash the rest of my body, which makes things a whole lot easier. Whist on the topic of application, I wash my hair with shampoo, rinse it out then apply this masque, leaving it for 10 minutes to do its magic before washing it out. Finally, the way it makes my hair feel is obviously the most important. I'm left with silky, manageable and soft hair when I've used this product and I can definitely tell when I haven't used it. On average, I wash my hair twice a week and I use this once a week, and I always seem to regret not using it on the times that I don't! Basically - this is one of the best hair masques I've used and I'll definitely be purchasing a new tub when I've run out, which will take me a while as I use one or two big scoops of the masque on my medium/long hair.

Have you tried this masque?
Would you recommend any other hair masques? I'm always willing to try new ones!
Daniela xo
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