Tuesday, 18 March 2014

• The LUSH life: part 2 // the favourites •

I had such lovely feedback on the first post in this LUSH series that I couldn't wait to sit down and write the next one. In part 1 I talked about my whole LUSH collection; in this post I'm going to share with you some of my favourite products from my collection, including some bath, shower and skincare products. These are the products I keep repurchasing, the ones I keep going back to over and over again and the ones that make the most difference to my skin, hair and shower/bath experience. Links will be provided down below, as always, to make it quick and easy for you to access the websites incase you like the sound of the products. I hope you find this post helpful and enjoyable, and that I manage to inspire you to check out your local LUSH store. PS. I'm not on commission (although I wish I was!) I just generally enjoy boring everyones ear off chatting about LUSH - it's one of my favourite topics as well as one of my favourite brands.
Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser - a truly amazing facial cleanser that smells like toffee, is grainy enough to gently exfoliate and which also manages to moisturise at the same time. It's very effective at removing any last traces of make up and is perfect for prepping the skin for toner. A full review of this product can be found here, where I rave and rave about it in loads of detail.
Rose Jam Shower Gel - this shower gel is unfortunately discontinued as it's limited edition which sucks as it's probably one of the best scents I have ever and will ever smell. It smells exactly like sweet roses in a youthful, fun kind of way and is the consistency of thick jam - that is probably the only way to describe it. It lathers up really well and you only need a tiny bit which is good news for me, as I ration this baby like my life depends on it. If you've sniffed either the Ro's Argan Body Conditioner or the Rose Jam Bubble Bar, you'll be happy to know that this shower gel shares the same scent as them, so do not fear, you can still get your hands on something that smells like the shower gel.
pink FUN - this product normally comes in a solid form that is in the shape of a Christmas cracker, but I just placed mine in this old LUSH tin to keep it fresh. It smells just like sweets and the smell completely fills the room, if not the whole of my upstairs, and again, lathers beautifully. It has so many uses and for a fiver is such a bargain for how little product you need per usage. As a shampoo, you break a bit off, create a lather and massage it into your hair. As a shower gel, you break a bit off and squash it into your shower poof or shower sponge, creating a lather and washing your body with the suds. As a bubble bar, you break a bit off and run it under the running tap, creating mounds of gorgeous smelling bubbles. I think these products are so fun (...hehe) and unique as I haven't seen another company go for this type of thing. 
Hair Doctor Hair Treatment - this peppermint smelling pot of wonder is specifically targeted at strengthening the hair from the roots down. Unlike other hair masks, you're supposed to apply the Hair Doctor concentrating on the scalp to combat the problem of dry hair by working on healthy hair. I love this, as it's all good and well just applying product to "fix" the split ends etc, but the root of the problem (pun intended) is what needs the most help and attention. Aside from all of this good stuff, it also smells amazing and menthol-y, creating a cooling, tingling sensation when it's applied to my scalp. Once I've targeted my scalp and roots, I then move onto the lengths of my hair and apply it to my dry bits. I then wrap my hair in a towel and leave it for as long as possible and potentially over night, then wash it out with normal shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels so silky and soft after and doesn't need washing for at least 4 days. The peppermint really works at cleansing the hair and getting rid of any build up - you're hair is definitely going to feel squeaky clean after using this.
The Comforter Bubble Bar - if you like rich, fruity scents and lots and lots of bubbles, you're going to like this. The Comforter is one of LUSH's best selling products and it's so easy to see why. The bubble bar smells just like blackcurrant and reminds me of Ribena, taking me back to my childhood. It's such a comforting scent, which is probably related to the name, and like most LUSH products, the scent really lingers after you've got out of the bath. You use this by crumbling the bubble bar in the bath, running the shower head over it to create a few bubbles, then turning the taps on to create the rest of the bubbles. A full demo of how to use a LUSH bubble bar can be found here

I can't actually wait for my bath tonight. I'm going to sit there with my hair mask on, reading my current book and soaking up the scents of my bubble bar. If you can't decide what to buy from LUSH on your next shopping trip, I highly recommend these and I always go back for more of them. The sales assistants know me by name now and always know exactly what I've gone in for - usually one of these 5 products.

I'd love to hear of your favourite LUSH products - leave your favourites in the comment section, and any reviews you've written. I really enjoy hearing people's different opinions of LUSH products and I'm always on the hunt for new products to try out!



  1. I've tried the cleanser once at a friends house and fell in love with it so I bought one for myself but I still haven't used it.

    themiasalazar { life | thoughts | pictures }

  2. I love LUSH products, but I've never tried the cleanser, it sounds amazing!
    Eden from edenroses xx

  3. I think I might try the 'Let the Good Times Roll' facial cleanser next time. I'm now using 'Angels on Bare Skin' which is also a very good facial cleanser, but I just want to try them all :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  4. I must try the bubble bar! It sounds so good. I really like their new bath bomb - Golden Wonder. I did a review on it on my blog if you would like to check it out. http://livs-corner.blogspot.co.nz/2014/12/golden-wonder-bath-bomb-lush.html

    Liv/ livs-corner.blogspot.co.nz