Thursday, 29 January 2015

• January 2015 Favourites •

I'm so excited to share this month's favourites with you; I have some oldies but goodies, and a few newbies that I'm already loving.

There is no better eye cream/eyelash nourisher than Vaseline. I use this on and around my eyes and eyelashes every single night and my eyes feel so moisturised the next morning. I used to be subscribed to Birchbox and would always receive eye creams, and I'd think 'meh, it's ok' but nothing was as good as Vaseline. I swear by this, and it's so cheap that I always urge everyone to try it.

This was one of the first MAC lipsticks that I ever bought and it holds dear memories close to my heart (does anyone else every get that with make up and scents?!). I bought this way before the whole Kyle Jenner trend but it's now becoming a popular one to get that browny, darker nude. It's a matte lipstick, which is my favourite type of lipstick (this changes on the regular) and it goes on so creamy whilst lasting all day. It's obviously a MAC lipstick so the quality is up there, but this is definitely my favourite MAC lipstick that I own and I'll have to make a cheeky repurchase soon.

I'm trying to incorporate more colour into my make up so a purple pencil is the perfect way to do it for my brown eyes and pale colouring. Lust is a gorgeous deep purple shade and looks so beautiful both on top of the lid in a cat-eye fashion and smudged below the lash line.

Lady Gaga 'Fame' Eau de Parfum
Ok, don't judge me. I've gone from raving about the sexy, sophisticated Philosykos to this. But I honestly think this smells amazing and it's quite different from what I normally go for. The scent is quite sweet and fruity, and for a more affordable perfume, it lasts all day. I've been complimented on it a few times and when I mentioned that it was Lady Gaga's perfume, there were a few shocked faces!

Sephora Spoolies
I'm allllll about the brows at the moment and I'm trying to grow them out for a bushier, fuller look so they do need some taming in that area. The hairs are quite long and I've been relying on these spoolies along with clear brow gel to set them in place. I've really been loving these ones as they are the perfect shape and length, making them perfect for travel. Plus they were free - bonus.

Milani Blush in Dolce Pink
I wish wish wish we could get Milani over in the UK and I'm using this blush sparingly because it's absolutely beautiful and I will cry when it runs out! I sometimes find it hard to wear a pinky pink blush because I'm very pale with dark features, but Dolce Pink is perfect and has a very faint golden shimmer running through it, making it really wearable. It's a mix between a blush and a highlight and it's also stunning worn over other blushes. You can see a swatch of it here, and I can almost guarantee you'll swoon over it like I do!

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Light
I was very late to the hype with this one as I feel like everyone has been raving about this product for a good few years, but I finally hopped on that bandwagon on a particularly stressful morning when I was late to a wedding due to my concealer exploding all over me (yep, this really happened). I'd never tried the Maybelline concealer before but from the reviews I'd read, I trusted it and ran to Boots to buy one. It really did save the day as I was more than impressed with the coverage, application and lasting power of the concealer. It's quite thin but is really pigmented, and I've found that when set with a translucent powder, it doesn't crease or budge. A definite winner that I've used nearly everyday in January.

Wet Brush
Apologies for how gross my brush looks - that is the product of using this brush too often with a shed load of dry shampoo in my hair! I used to own the Tangle Teezer (more on that in a comparison post) but this brush has completely thrown that out of the park. The bristles are so soft, my hair doesn't feel like it's being tugged or ripped out and it really does work well with both wet and dry hair. I can't recommend this brush enough and have already managed to covert a few people to it.

Game of Thrones book
I just had to include this book as a favourite because I've literally been glued to it at every chance I get. I'm a huge GoT fan and I've watched the series religiously, so when I received the book box set for Christmas I was overjoyed. The book is so beautifully written; the character descriptions are absolutely amazing and everything is so detailed, yet to easy to read. I can sit there for hours with this book in hand and endless cups of tea - I think it'll take me about 2 years to read the whole box set but the books are incredible and I urge you to try them if you're a big reader or just a fan of GoT.

What have you been enjoying this month, beauty or lifestyle-wise?
Have you tried any of my favourites?
Daniela xo
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  1. My favorites this month have to be lush

    Danielle Mac

  2. I have smelled Lady Gaga's perfume and I love it too... it's soooo different from what I expected! Also, the kinda sexy lippy is amazing. I wasn't in the hype for a nude but I decided to go out of my comfort zone to get it - I bought VIVA GLAM VI - and I looooooooove it now. x

    Cristina // My Cup of Tea

  3. I must try the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Light, all though I've been loving lasting perfection from collection :) Also, the eye cream looks really good but they don't stop it in NZ. Great list!


  4. I love the look of the Milani Blushers and i'm so gutted we can't get them over here in the UK.
    Just ordered the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer after hunting it down on superdug, boots were completely sold out.

    hannerking | a beauty and lifestyle blog


  5. I blimin love The Wet Brush! I bought the Maybelline concealer at the weekend but haven't used it yet (need to photograph it haha) xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  6. I've been reading the Game of Thrones books too, I love them! I'm currently on the second half of the fifth book but I don't really want to finish it because then I'll have nothing about GOT to read until the next book comes out. Lovely post :) xx


  7. This perfume by Lady Gaga is my favourite, it's sooo good. She's not my cup of tea music wise, I asked someone to buy me it last Christmas cos it was black (how gothic of me), turns out I love it! Good choice

    x GNAR MOSH x