Sunday, 25 January 2015

• Have we gone Social-Media-mad? •

I was inspired to write this post when, yesterday, I was out for lunch and a couple came and sat down next to us. 

They both whipped out their phones and went straight onto Facebook, as if this were normal. And they didn't put their phones away. I was confused; I thought, 'but this is wrong'. They literally sat there, phones in hand, for the duration of their meal. Not only did they seem rude to the waitress, whom they were ignoring, but the only words they uttered were 'we'll split the bill' at the end of the meal. And I can remember thinking, 'what the hell has happened to us?!'

Social media has taken over our lives. I'll be the first to put my hands up and admit that in 2014, I would snap a picture for instagram instead of just enjoying the moment; I would tweet every few hours to ensure my followers knew I was still there; I would check my Facebook to have a nosey at everyone else lives. It's sad, but true; we really have become obsessed with social media and we become stressed when we're not on it. Maybe it's the easy, instant access to the internet that has caused this? Maybe it's because cafes and restaurants now usually have free wifi? Which brings me to my next point - why do we need free wifi in a restaurant? I can understand a cafe; it's quite nice to sit there with a coffee and do work. But doesn't wifi in a restaurant make it easier for couples/friends to just sit there on their phones instead of actually conversing with one another?

In a world where technology is developing and it's becoming easier to instagram our dinners or tweet our blog links, I think we need to establish a line that should never be crossed. I'm still at a point where I say 'excuse me, I'm so sorry' when my phone rings and I'm eating with another person. I still feel embarrassed when I get a text mid-conversation and I automatically look down to catch a glimpse of it. In my Psychology degree, I learnt that the number one reason for the end of relationships, be that with a partner or friend, is the loss of manners. A simple please, a quick thank you, and the effort to have a conversation with someone is so important for us human beings. Yet, we turn to a piece of metal to make us feel appreciated.

I'm proposing black-out Sunday at our place, and that means no laptops, no phones, no technology, no nothing, all day long (except to set our alarms for the next day - that's a necessity). I want to see if we can actually do it. I don't ever want to turn into that person that makes people feel awkward because a phone is always in their hand - I used to have a friend that did this, and it still makes me cringe now. I want to continue to be a good conversationalist, and never lose touch of what that really means.

I'd love to know your thoughts on this; please leave them in a comment.
Do you agree with me? Or disagree?
Daniela xo
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  1. Such a nice refreshing post to read! Such a nice idea xx

  2. This is such a unique post that I haven't seen in awhile and I really like the whole Black-out Sunday idea. :)
    Basically anytime I am in a restaurant I take a picture of my food if it looks really nice.
    I think social media like blogs, instagram and twitter really portray people's lives as better than they really are. :)
    There used to be a time when I'd go outside and jump on a trampoline without needing a phone to record it!

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  3. I agree that most - if not all of us - are addicted to social media and having one day a week without it might be helpful - but I don't find it very realistic.. I think I'll try no phones at school and see where I go from there :) x

  4. I completely agree, I only have facebook 'cause it's the only way I'm sure people will respond me whenever I need, sad but true! I sometimes text a friend and get no reply but if I sent a message through facebook its almost instantaneously. I use my phone a lot but only because my boyfriend is living in another country at the moment so I need to keep in touch with him, but whenever I'm with someone hanging out or just talking I always feel bad to have to pick some call or reply to a text. I hope to be less technology addict when I move in with my bf I definitely don't like the idea of being 24/7 on a phone or internet. Social media is fun when nothing else is happening but when people is around us I rather prefer their company... xx

    Mary Bloomy

  5. I had a similar experience while on holiday in Spain. There we were having dinner in a beautiful setting and the two ladies at the table next to us didn't raise their heads from their phones once to utter so much as a word to each other. I found it quite sad really.

  6. Great post, I definitely think social media is taking over society :) I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!.

    Camille xo

  7. You're totally right, sometimes when I'm out with my friends or with my boyfriend it happens that we take a photo and we post it on the internet when we're still together, but then we continue to talk normally... it's so sad people go out together to stare at their smartphones/tablets/...

  8. I witnessed that too today and although I thought I was the one utterly obsessed with social media - I just couldn't believe it. When I'm out with friends or having quality time with a special someone or the family I never even think of checking my phone (except for taking a selfie I never even check FB or Twitter or anything else). I totally agree with you!


  9. This post read my mind....well, almost five years ago. Hehe. I had that moment of watching two people sit across from each other at dinner in a restaurant when I was living in London about five years ago. They did the same exact thing and I thought the same as you did. Back then it was even stranger to me because I wasn't as involved in social media as I am now. I didn't even have a phone that could do anything besides make a call and send a regular old text (and actually, I still don't have a smart phone). Since then, the "addiction" to social media has only gotten worse. Though, unlike before, now I am "a part of it" to a certain degree. I'll occasionally whip out my ipad when I'm out with the other half having coffee or something - but never at dinner or social gatherings. It's too much.

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