Sunday, 4 September 2016

• Cocktails & Tacos •

The end of the summer holidays means, at least for me, cramming in as many date nights, days out and Netflix as I can handle. 

So, naturally, I tend to turn to Cambridge for a good meal out. Cue, The Snug; a beautifully decorated, cosy, cocktail bar/restaurant where we drank and ate the night away one Thursday evening.

To start, I had the Black Bean Tacos whilst Josh had the Mozzarella Chunks - both amazing, but I would totally have the Tacos again. I've honestly been banging on about these Tacos for a week and I've even gone to the effort of finding a similar recipe and buying the ingredients ready to make one night next week - and anyone that knows me knows that, although I'm a massive foodie, my dinners normally consist of tapas (a bit of this, a bit of that) so to go to the effort of making a meal I've had whilst out for dinner... that's somewhat unheard of. I'd even have this starter as a main, and I might if ask if they can do that for me next time.

I then had the Roast Veg and Halloumi burger which was divine. Packed full of fillings, it was so satisfying and, for someone who loves halloumi, I was impressed with how much there was. The slaw and chips were good too (I swapped normal chips for sweet potato fries - I'd definitely recommend doing this, they were delicious). Josh had bourbon-battered fish and handcut chips which were also amazing - which I can vouch for, since there's rarely a meal where I don't steal some of his food... #sorrynotsorry.

We were full to the brim after this so we didn't grab any dessert, although they looked gorgeous (I would've gone for the Oreo Sundae - I saw someone else have it and it looked like biscuit heaven). We did, however, have room for some drinks and the cocktails looked just too good to miss. I love the artwork and the way they were presented on the menu, alongside the variety available - anything from an ice cream cocktail to a Vesper martini!

From the extensive range of colourful cocktails (I don't even drink, but I was loving life with a Singapore Sling), delicious food and homely feel, I will definitely be recommending (and re-visiting) The Snug again.

Have you ever visited The Snug before?
Are there any other restaurants in Cambridge you'd recommend?
Daniela xo
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*I was invited to this restaurant for a review but I will always be 100% honest on my blog... after all, food's kind of a big deal and I'd only want you to have the best of it!

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