Wednesday, 22 October 2014

• My Current Favourite Pinterest Pins #1 // Home Decor Edition •

I've always been a little bit obsessed with home decor and interior design, but more so now that I'm moving into my own flat (well, with the boyf) in a few weeks time.

It feels so exciting to have the freedom to be able to decorate it how we want to, buy whichever furniture we please and we've even had the option to paint it which is great. I'm already a long-term Pinterest pinner and I've had my 'Home' board for ages, but it's being used a hella lot more now that we're in the stages of decorating our own place. I thought I'd show you some of my favourite pins - you can find them all on my Pinterest (user name: danielascribbs) in the 'Home' board! I think you'll notice that my kind of decor style is quite minimalist but also cottagey, particularly when it comes to kitchens. In most of the rooms, I like things to look white and 'clean', with a few pops of colour here and there - I also really like hanging chairs... I hope these pins inspire you as much as they do me!

*obviously, these photos were not taken by me, and I have sourced them from Pinterest.

I hope you enjoyed this post - a little different from me, but more of an insight into the kinds of things I'm into! 
I'd love for you to leave your Pinterest names so I can have a cheeky look at your boards - I'm so bloody nosy...

Let me know if you're into this kind of post, as I'm planning on doing a
'Beauty edition', 'DIY edition' and a few more 'editions' -
only if you all enjoy reading them!
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Daniela xo
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  1. I pretty much live for Pinterest & it's home decor. Sigh. Lovely picks haha xx

  2. I am obsessed with home decor too, love the pics you chose. xx


  3. I'd chose them as my favorites, too! :)


  4. I love this clean design! All of the pics are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!