Monday, 13 October 2014

• Catch up - Summer 2014 and Life Recently •

So now that we're firmly into Autumn, I thought I'd catch you all up on what I got up to during Summer - which seems so far away now!
There was lot's of eating, reading, chilling, eating, chilling, eating, and photographing... oh, and more eating.

So in my books, I had a pretty lovely summer this year! I finished my course in June, worked some of July and I dipped in and out of work during August before starting my job properly in September. It was really nice during summer having a relaxed few days, then a busy few days, and so on. I didn't go on holiday this year although, as you'll see below, I did spend a few days in Center Parcs at the end of August which was lush! I wasn't sure how much I'd have to do before the school term started so I didn't plan any getaways abroad, but next year (after a few pay slips!) we're planning to go on a rather large holiday. So my lazy summer days generally consisted of getting up relatively early, mooching around, seeing friends and family, writing blog posts, countless trips to Costa and some lesson planning here and there. Oh and not to mention the Sims. Where has it been for the past 6 years? I've rekindled my love for the game and I've been known to spend a few hours a day on it (no shame). But before I go on about my rather large family of 8 and their mansion with a pool (the 'motherload' cheat is sweet - again, no shame), I shall go on to chat about the other, perhaps more exciting past-times of my summer!

I purchased the Canon 600D back in July so I've been putting it to good use by finding tranquil spots in Cambridgeshire and snap-shotting them. I've really been enjoying learning about my new camera and I've even sort of worked out how to use the manual setting for everything, including focus (which took me the best part of 3 weeks). I like to think I have the hang of it now, but I think photography is one of those hobbies that you never really quite master - you just keep going with it so you get better and better.
My mum has started buying Quorn and we've been cooking together, which has been so nice - just like old times, before I went to uni and became an adult! This is a Quorn lasagne which was absolutely delicious and really healthy. I think I'm now a Quorn convert!

I've had lots of time to spend with these little munchkins. Now, anyone who knows me knows I'm weird about my rabbits. I literally love them. I play with them every single day, I talk about them every single day and I even sometimes have dreams about them. Before things get weird, I'll stop, but just look at my little babies - Tilly (the blonde one) is like a Disney bunny and Poppy just has the most ridiculous fringe. Love. Them.
I had the chance to experiment loads with my make up and really enjoyed wearing a bold brow and brown lip pretty much every single day. It was really nice being able to wear quite a bit of make up as I don't often wear a lot for school, and it's also nice having more than 10 minutes to spend on it! Putting on make up is one of my favourite parts of the day - I really enjoy it - and I've had a lot of fun with trying new products and colours this summer. PS. How annoying is that bit of hair on my cheek? Grr...
Speaking of fun - bacon sandwiches. Bacon is fun, right? Well, I think it is anyway. During the summer holidays, my friend and I basically had a weekly bacon date where we tried bacon sandwiches from different places in the area. This photo was taken on our last bacon trip, where we tried a little tea room down by the river in town, and oh my, it was lovely. The bacon was crispy, not to mention they put about 10 rashers in each sandwich, and the bread was so good too. The salad, though? Nah, that I can leave. 
Sorry to all of you non-teacher readers - but labels excite me! I decided to make my own this year as it seemed quite simple to do, and I didn't like any that I found online. I also like the thought of having labels that no-one else in the world has (is that sad?). I must have spent hours on Google Fonts trying to find the perfect ones for the children's drawers, or classroom displays, and I can't say I have any regrets. Look at how pretty these are!
My grandmother (Nonna) turned 68 in August and when it came to my attention that she'd never had a birthday cake, I was frankly quite upset. How can you go 68 years and never have a birthday cake?! My mum decided to make her a Black Forest Gateu and it was truly incredible - four layers of chocolatey, creamy, cherry goodness. Safe to say, everyone was impressed - and the cake was finished in 2 days which is a record for my household!
My best friend, who I haven't seen since May (!!!!) came to visit me in August and we had the loveliest day. I started off by showing her my new flat, we then went for a mooch around town, we grabbed some fish and chips and sat on the river, and then we randomly went to bingo. It's so hard when you live away from your friend but it makes it all the more special when you get to see them.

So now I have my head in the game and I'm firmly rooted into the Autumn term of teaching year 5. I'm absolutely loving it and I just feel so lucky and so blessed to be in a school which is so amazing. This summer was really lovely and chilled, but I must say that I was always just on the cusp of relaxing as in my head, I was thinking 'have I bought enough pencil pots? I wonder if I've planned far ahead enough? I hope the kids like me!' so I think that next year I may try and relax a little bit more!

I hope that you had a great summer. I really love Autumn and Winter
(they're my favourite seasons!) so I'm excited for all that they
have to offer this year. New flat, semi-new job and lots to
look forward to!
Daniela xo
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  1. Love looking at all your photos! That Lasange looks amazing!

    Charlotte //

  2. i've got a canon 600D and i absolutely love it, best camera ever! By the way, that lasagne looks delicious, literally craving lasagne now haha! x

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  3. Your bunnies are simply the cutest little things ever!
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    Mary-Ann xx