Saturday, 26 July 2014

• The British Tag •

A tag all about cups of tea, dunking biscuits and Marmite... 
this is my kinda tag!
(ps. the photo is of Cambridge, and it's on my instagram: @danielascribbs)

1. How many cups of tea do you have and how many sugars?

I drink a lot of tea every day! I presume this question is about English tea, but I also drink about 4 mugs of green tea and one mug of Lapsang Souchong tea, as well. But on average I drink 5 mugs of English Breakfast tea a day. This number does go up in the Winter, though! As for sugar, I used to have 2 and a half in my tea, but I slowly weaned myself off it and now I don't take any sugar. I couldn't imagine drinking tea with sugar now - funny how your habits can change when you train yourself to like something!

2. What is your favourite part of roast dinners?

It has always been, and always will be, broccoli/cauliflower cheese. I could eat a whole tray of it and not be fed up. But if we're being really traditional, I'd have to say the roast potatoes - but only if they're crispy.

3. What's your favourite dunking biscuit?

Fox's chunkie extremely chocolatey cookies. They are to die for! You only get like 8 in a packet, so I always make sure I have a few packets lying around the house...

4. Favourite British past time?

Walking. I really enjoy long walks and I'm lucky enough to live in an area where there are beautiful countrysides with running lakes through them. If I had a dog to walk, it would be a dream! Walking just chills me out and I think it's quite a British thing to go for walk in countrysides.

5. What is your favourite sweet?

Haribo strawberries, all day, every day! I love it when they get stuck in your teeth and you have the strawberry flavour for a little while longer.... mmmmmmm!!

6. Who is your favourite British person?

I'd probably have to say Kate Winslet. Just because she is the first person that sprang to mind when I saw this question. She is the definition of English rose, and her accent is so beautiful. She just seems like such a classy lady, and it doesn't hurt that she's an incredible actress too. PS. She kissed Leonardo di Caprio and he is know...Leonardo di Caprio...

7. What is your favourite shop and restaurant?

If we're going to be cliche and obvious about it, I would say LUSH is my favourite shop. However, I recently discovered Tiger and I'm not sure if it's a British shop but it has everything in there! It's a quirky, colourful little shop that sells earphones to cake displays, and I just love it. As for restaurant, my favourite is Teri Aki which is along the river in Cambridge. It's a sushi restaurant so not British so maybe it doesn't count for this question so... my favourite British restaurant has to be The George in Stamford. The food is amazing and the service is, too. I really recommend it!

8. What British song pops into your head?

Oh god, I'm embarrassed that this is the song that popped into my head but we're being honest here. I just thought of 'You don't know you're beautiful' by One Direction! And I mean, I am a One Direction fan completely, but I just wish a classic British song had popped into my head just now... oh well.

9. Marmite?

Er, HELL YES! I don't understand how people don't like Marmite and I always insist that they're doing it wrong! You need brown bread, well toasted, lots of butter and a thin layer of Marmite. Alternatively, toasted bread, lots of cheese, a layer of Marmite then melt it under the grill. Incredible.

Thank you to Tiffany at HelloPineappleJuice for tagging me in this post! I had a lot of fun writing it, even though I'm Italian...but I've lived in England all of my life, so this tag definitely applies to me, too :) I'd like to tag Faye from I Wish I Could Wink, Lizzie from Lizzie's Corner and all of you lovely readers. Please leave your links down below!

Daniela xo
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  1. I also love Marmite - marmite and cheese on crumpets is possibly the best thing since sliced bread (with marmite obv)
    Great tag!
    Your Average Jo

    1. Ooh I love that snack, too! Daniela xo

  2. That tag is so fun, I wish I were British hahaha! I drink tea all the time but omg 5 mugs! Woah! hahahaa

    Crissy from MY CUP OF TEA

    1. Ooh I'm not British but I did it haha! Go for it :) Daniela xo

  3. I love One Direction, tea literally makes me sick, and I'm quite intrigued with Marmite. Also, I love British people in general. The accent, the posh way of acting - most of the time, and the beautiful country

    Arianne |

    1. I have to have tea every single day - love it! I must say that I love the accent, too :) Daniela xo

  4. Thanks for the tag lady :) I bloody love Tiger it's the most fun shop ever, and I'm in complete agreement about the marmite toast.

    Faye x

    1. That's okay chick! It's such a great shop isn't it! Daniela xo

  5. I need you to email me and explain what broccoli/cauliflower cheese. I need it. My favorite things.

    1. Right, a broccoli/cauliflower cheese recipe is coming your way! Daniela xo

  6. This tag is so fun, I've seen a few videos on it too, think I'm going to give it a try. xx


    1. It's a great tag, isn't it :) I'm going to check your tag out now! Daniela xo

  7. Great tag. Might try this one myself!
    - Keyta

    1. Definitely try it! Will check your tag out now :) Daniela xo