Saturday, 6 June 2015

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Ioanna: Hearting

Hi I'm Ioanna a twenty something Greek-English girl with brown eyes and curly hair. I run a beauty and lifestyle blog called Hearting. My blog is my little corner to express myself and write about all of the  things I'm hearting (loving) in life including beauty, baking, photography and anything else that takes my fancy. I'd love for you to stop by! 

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My blog is an anonymous blog, which I post on three times a week, with either beauty, fashion, advice or random posts. I don't have a set theme because I like it to be casual and interesting. I read all the comments and respond to them, I like positive feedback and ideas. I hope you enjoy my blog!

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What Lauren Did Today is a cruelty-free lifestyle, beauty and book blog run by Lauren, a 20 year old cat lover from England.

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Jessica Grace has only been up and running for a month but it has proven such a joy to write. My posts are mainly beauty but as it grows I'm hoping to incorporate some more lifestyle posts. I'm the type of person that really likes working towards something so building a blog, taking my own photos, editing them and then writing up content makes me incredibly happy and I hope that shows through my writing.

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Emma: Just Emma

Just Emma is a personal blog focusing on natural beauty, affordable fashion and everyday life. Written by Emma, a chocolate-loving Scot who lives in a little place in Dorset with her husband, bulging wardrobe and over-flowing beauty box! With beauty product reviews, personal outfits, fashion tips, weekly wish lists, and much more!

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