Wednesday, 3 December 2014

• Perfection in a Bottle - Diptyque Philosykos // review •

I'm not usually one to get excited over scents but I feel as if I've truly found perfection with Diptyque Philosykos eau de parfum.

Yes, this is holy grail status and I have been obsessing over it since the day I smelled it around 2 years ago (it has indeed taken me that long to build up the willpower to buy it, as it 'aint cheap). The scent is very deep, woody and kind of unisex and the main note is fig. The scent doesn't last all day which kind of upsets me, so I carry it around in my bag with me and spritz on the go, whenever I feel like I can't smell it on myself anymore. I always receive compliments when I wear it and a few of my friends are now looking into purchasing a bottle. Well worth a sniff, if you're near a Space NK. At £85 a pop, I would say Diptyque Philosykos is a perfect gift for Christmas and the packaging is truly stunning and very luxurious. If you're into these deep, sexy kind of scents then I'd definitely give this one a go; I feel like I'll be wearing this perfume for years, its so timeless and sophisticated.

Have you smelled this perfume before?
Would you recommend anything else from the Diptyque brand?
Daniela xo
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  1. This is truly a lovely scent. I, too, have only ever had samples. I was going to purchase the full size at some point but I always hesitate because of the price (plus I can only order online). Definitely a fantastic fragrance though. Your recommendation is spot on!

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