Sunday, 17 August 2014

• My life through a lens #2 •

1. House sitting for my friend's lovely dog, Marley |
2. #tbt Summer 2012, Barcelona with my best friend |
3. my new toy! Canon 600D |
4. a lazy Sunday morning with fruit, yoghurt, OJ & The Fault in Our Stars.

5. a cheeky costa date for one |
7. another lazy Sunday morning, this time with porridge and bloglovin |
8. a brown-lipped selfie.

9. my little baby  |
10. less about the face; more about the brows |
11. the book target I'm setting myself, before term starts in September |
12. pretty Summer flowers.

13. some naughty boots purchases |
14. designing posters for my classroom |
15. a very exciting Sephora haul! |
16. ombre hair, for a change.

A peek into what I've been instagramming lately 
over on danielascribbs :)
Daniela xo
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  1. Ooooooooo, enjoy that Canon 600D I bet you love it. Some really lovely photos x

    1. I'm obsessed with it! Love it :) And thank you lovely. Daniela xo

  2. Finally an interesting blog, what lovely pictures you have! :)

    I’m following you on Blog Lovin, please follow me back :)

    Fleur x

    1. Ahh thank you :) I'm also following you, chick - love your blog!! Daniela xo