Wednesday, 20 August 2014

• Girly Lunch Date Get Ready With Me // Face of the Day •

A simple bronzed, smokey eye, and a very light base; 
a day-time look for a girly lunch date in Cambridge.

I met up with my friend from university and we went for some lunch-time sushi (I was getting ready for sushi in my last 'Get ready with me post'.... I really like sushi). I went for a bronzed eye, simple base and pale pink lip. Lately I've been getting more sleep so I'm enjoying skipping on the concealer as I still haven't found the perfect one that doesn't crease under my eyes or oxidise - if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments! I've also been embracing the paleness and the freckles and have been opting for a lighter base - I feel like I can get away with this in summer, even if I am the colour of a sheet. I've therefore been lightly bronzing up and you can see in the photos that the bronzer is so subtle and almost un-noticeable. The night before, I plaited my hair after washing, and I really love the soft curls/waves this gives my hair the day after. I hate faffing with my hair, much preferring to spend more time on my make up, so this style is effortlessly perfect for me!

I started off by dotting the foundation onto my moisturised skin and buffing it in with a buffing brush. I then went straight onto lightly contouring, using a light hand with a contour brush and my favourite bronzer, very gently sweeping the colour onto my cheekbones and around my hairline. I moved straight onto brows (one of my favourite parts) and filled them in with my brow pencil. I have a few gaps and a scar on my right eyebrow so I mostly used the pencil there. Using a cream eyeshadow, I blended it onto my eyelid, crease and underneath the eye. Then I tight lined my upper eye using black gel liner as this is my favourite way to tight line. I grabbed my eyelash curlers, gave them a few squeezes, and applied my mascara (just look at the difference this makes! Amazing). Highlighter was next up, so I used a silvery-pearly shade and dusted this on with a really soft brush onto the highest points of my cheeks. Lastly, I used an almost nude-pink lipstick and pushed this onto my lips to complete the look.

I used:

I hope you liked this post! I'm planning a dramatic Face of the Day
for my next 'Get ready with me' style post. I'm thinking
lots of lashes and a bold lip! What do you think
of this sort of format? I'd really appreciate
some feedback! :)
Daniela xo
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  1. You're so pretty girl :) I really love your makeup final look

  2. So pretty, look at those lashes. I'm definitely going to try putting gel liner in my tight line :)
    xxx Claire

    1. Thank you, it's all the mascara I swear! And tight lining makes the biggest difference. Daniela xo

  3. Such a pretty look love the eye makeup and that lip colour :) xx

  4. Lovely look! Neutral makeup is right up my street. On and On Bronze is one of my favourite e/s. Will have a look at the lipstick. It's gorgeous! X

    1. Thank you! I love neutral make up too but lately I've been going for a more vampier look - will have to do that for my next get ready with me! Daniela xo

  5. Omg, your eyes! <3 Love the look! :)

  6. That lipstick looks gorgeous on you! x