Tuesday, 31 December 2013

• New year; new resolutions •

I cant be doing with any more "I need to eat more sprouts", "I'll eat less chocolate", "I'm going to go to the gym 3 times a week". Because they do not work! (well, for me they don't anyway).

More realistic and practical resolutions of mine include:

1) dress more girly - my £239 (eep) ASOS order should arrive any minute now with a coat, some boots and 8 dresses (click here for the blog post)
2) write one thing down every day that has made me smile
3) paint my nails as soon as they chip (this is purely for practical purposes...I bite them otherwise).

Quite honestly, I feel like people spend too much time worrying about their new years resolutions. There's too much pressure to have one and to "change" who you are. Just be happy. Do things that make you happy, simple. No resolution needed.

In my opinion, everyday you should try to be a better person  than you were the day before.

And with that thought...I hope you all have a fantastic and safe time tonight, welcoming the new year in!


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